MAY 2023

(Well, we did about 90% of the work!)

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It’s a new month, and I’m excited to share your May home to-do list.

🛍 Celebrate National Small Business Week (April 30 – May 6)
💐 April showers bring May flowers: buy a fresh bouquet
🖥 Refresh your home office with some new supplies
📚 Rearrange your styled bookshelves
🗑 Scrub out indoor and outdoor trash cans
🍕 Order your favorite pizza on National Pizza Party Day (May 19)
🥫 Donate some non-perishable items to a food bank
⛽️ Scrub your grill & make sure your propane tank is full
🚿 Replace your shower curtain liner
🧴 Stock up on sunscreen and bug spray

As usual, pick a few goals for the month and let me know in the comments what you’re looking forward to in May!

I’m definitely ___________ [excited to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom/celebrating National Pizza Party Day with a pie from ___________, my favorite pizza spot!].


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!

We’re fortunate to live in a community with amazing teachers!

In fact, ___________ [highlight any special awards, recognitions, or rankings that your local school district has achieved OR tell a personal story about how a local teacher helped you or a child in your life – son, daughter, nephew, niece, grandchild and give them a special shoutout].

So teachers, THANK YOU! You make such a big impact in our community and beyond.

And friends, tag your favorite teacher in the comments or share this post with them to show your appreciation!


Ready, set, celebrate these small businesses with me! 🥳

It’s National Small Business Week, and I gotta tell ya: ___________ [city name] is SO lucky to have these local businesses.

Here are just a few of my favorites:

Favorite restaurant: ___________
Favorite boutique: ___________
Favorite cafe: ___________
Favorite bakery: ___________
Favorite salon: ___________
Favorite barber shop: ___________
Favorite spa: ___________
Favorite florist: ___________
Favorite CPA: ___________
Favorite attorney: ___________
Favorite interior designer: ___________
Favorite home inspector: ___________
Favorite home organizer: ___________

Our community is a BEAUTIFUL place because of these wonderful businesses, so let’s give them a hand below!

Tag your favorite ___________ [city name] businesses in the comments so I can start following asap!


Is cash really king when you’re buying a home?

It depends!

When interest rates dipped below 3% in 2020, taking out a mortgage was a no-brainer, even if you could afford to pay cash.

But with rates now lingering around 7%, the decision to pay all cash for a home or get a mortgage can be a complex one.

According to the National Association of Realtors, cash buyers are among the minority. 78% of homebuyers financed their purchase between July 2021 and June 2022.

While only you and your financial advisor will know what is right for your specific financial situation, here’s what I know.

If you pay cash for your home, your offer might be more appealing to sellers who won’t have to worry about financing falling through at the last minute. You can also save quite a bit of money on interest in the long run.

If you take out a mortgage, you’ll have the opportunity to invest your money elsewhere for potentially higher returns. Additionally, if your entire savings go into buying the home, you may be left with little liquidity for unexpected expenses or emergencies.

The bottom line? If you’re fortunate enough to have the savings to pay for your next home in cash, speak with a financial advisor first to determine what is best for you and your family.


Margarita or Mint Julep? 🐎💃

(You’re going to want to save these recipes, so tap the bookmark icon on the right-hand side of this post).

This weekend is party-packed with Cinco de Mayo (Saturday) *and* Kentucky Derby Day (Sunday)!

To celebrate, I thought I’d share a cocktail recipe, so swipe above to give them a try!

Feel free to shake these up and make them your own. And if you’re not drinking, just skip the spirits and make it a mocktail!

Are you celebrating this weekend? Drop a 🐎 or a 💃 in the comments!


It’s a ___________ [describe the weather] Saturday in ___________ [city name], and I’m excited about ___________ [little work and a lot of play OR a lot of work and a little play].

Here’s what’s on tap for me this weekend:

1. ___________
2. ___________
3. ___________
4. ___________
5. ___________

[Share your weekend to-do list; include work, home projects, how you’re exploring your city; etc. Be specific and tag where you’re going / who you’re going with – i.e. instead of ‘going out to breakfast’ you’re ‘meeting my three high school besties for brunch at @ediescafebar. I might even splurge for an espresso martini!’]

What are you up to today?

🏡 = “I’m staying in.”
💃🏼 = “I’m getting out and about!”

Pick your emoji and drop it below.


PSA! Have you made your Mother’s Day plans yet?

We’re only one week away from mom’s big day!

Here are my favorite places in __________ [city name] to brunch, shop, spa and more.


[Share a few of your favorite spots. Be sure to tag them and share something you love about them]

Did I leave any of your favorite places to celebrate off of the list?


This tip is for parents of Gen Z and younger…and it’s a good one!

When you’re buying your first home, one of the biggest challenges can be not having sufficient credit to qualify for a decent mortgage loan. In some cases, your credit score is simply too new or there isn’t enough credit history to meet most lending guidelines.

So, here’s something that parents can do to help your future home buyers.

If you have strong credit, add your children as authorized users to your credit card accounts.

As an authorized user, your children will inherit your credit history, bolstering their credit profile for when the time comes to purchase a new home.

In my opinion, this is one of the best graduation gifts you could give!

And PS: no, you don’t have to give your child a physical credit card for this to work 🙃


How I helped this first-time buyer find their dream home (stress not included!) ⤵️⤵️⤵️

If you’re new here, I’m ___________ [name], a realtor in ___________ [city/region name], and a few weeks ago, one of my clients got the keys to their first home.

But when we started the home search process, they were a little anxious – which is completely normal!

✔️ They weren’t sure what they could afford.
✔️ They had a pretty extensive, non-negotiable must-have list.
✔️ Their lease was almost up, and they needed to move *fast.*

How did I help ease their worries *and* get them to closing day in record time?

___________ [share what you do to make your client’s home search/buying process as stress-free as possible].

I’m telling you this story because I want you to know that the home-buying process doesn’t have to be overwhelming (even in a competitive market!), especially when you have an experienced realtor on your side.

And if you have any questions about purchasing a home, drop them in the comments or send me a DM. I’d love to share my thoughts!

MAY 10

7 super simple upgrades to help your home ✨SHINE✨ during showings ⤵️

You might be surprised to learn that not every home repair or upgrade takes a lot of time, money, or energy.

Sometimes the simplest projects have the most impact!

Here are seven ✨ easy upgrades ✨ to help your home show in its best light:

1. Replace outdated light fixtures or wash existing ones
2. Update drawer and cabinet pulls
3. Apply fresh paint in neutral colors in the main living areas
4. Wash windows and blinds
5. Shampoo carpet
6. Wash linens
7. Paint baseboards and trim

The best part? These are all things you can do NOW so that when we list your home, it will be easier for you to prepare for photography and showings.

And if you’re still not sure where to start, give me a call! I can identify the specific repairs or upgrades you need to make selling your home feel like a breeze.

If you had to pick one of these projects to tackle this weekend, which one would you choose?

MAY 11

When “hire an interior designer” didn’t make it into the new home budget…

I get it! And I have options for you.

Some of your favorite retail furniture stores offer online and in-home design consultations. To name a few…

🪑 Crate & Barrel/CB2
🪞 Ethan Allen
🛏 Pottery Barn
🛋 Rejuvenation
🪴 West Elm

Of course, the downside here is that your designer will be limited to what they can pull from inventory at their store. An independent interior designer would be able to give you non-biased design advice and pull from multiple places.

But, if you absolutely LOVE a specific store or you’re dipping your toe into working with an interior designer, the retail route might be a great way to go.

Have you ever used a retail interior design service? What did you think?

MAY 12

A day of dining in ___________ [city name] ⤵️

Last week, a friend who was visiting from out of town asked for a few restaurant recommendations.

And that got me thinking: if I were a tourist in ___________ [city name], where would I spend the day eating?

Here are my picks! ⤵️

Coffee: ___________
Breakfast: ___________
Lunch: ___________
Snacks: ___________
Pre-dinner apps: ___________
Dinner: ___________
Dessert: ___________
Cocktails: ___________

[Be sure to name *and* tag the restaurants]

OK, so that might take more than a day, but what can I say? We have lots of good spots here!

What’s your favorite ___________ [city name] restaurants? Tag them below!

MAY 13

Are neutrals out? 😱

For *years* we’ve been told that neutrals are a chic way to add style and sophistication to our homes.

And while I still believe its best to stick to neutral paint colors if you plan to sell your home soon, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice color completely.

So it’s time to say “goodbye!” to all neutrals, all the time!

Here are three ways to incorporate color into your interior design:

1. Start With Artwork: Add pops of color throughout your home with artwork that speaks your style. Don’t want to spend a fortune just yet? If there’s a local art school nearby, consider commissioning something from a student.

2. Accessorize With Color: Pillows, blankets, and other decorative accessories are a low-commitment way to add color to a room.

3. Wow Them With Window Treatments: A colorful, patterned curtain can definitely liven up a neutral room.

What do you think? Would you be sad to see the all-neutral trend coming to an end, or will you be happy to get some color back in your home? Let’s talk about it below!

MAY 14

Happy Mother’s Day!

While I know this day can be filled with joy and love, I also know that, for many, Mother’s Day can be bittersweet or even sad.

So please know that you are not alone or forgotten. ❤️

And to all the mothers, mothers-to-be, grandmothers, those waiting to be mothers, and mother-like figures: I hope you have the best day with those you love.

What are your Mother’s Day plans? I want to read all about them! ⤵️

MAY 15

Monday mayhem? No way! I prefer Monday MOMENTUM.

Here’s how I’m kicking off this new week.

1. ___________
2. ___________
3. ___________
4. ___________
5. ___________

[Share your to-do list for the day, being sure to highlight both work and non-work-related items.]

What’s on tap for you this week? Let me know what you’re up to so I can cheer you on!

MAY 16

Home-buying, but make it stress-less 👇👇👇

No matter how you shake it, the process of buying (or selling…but we’ll get to that later!) can be overwhelming. 

But I’ve learned a thing or two about stress reduction in my ___________ [years in real estate] years as a realtor.

Swipe for my top three tips to help you get through this process.

Oh, and my best advice? Hire an experienced realtor you can trust! I can make the process much easier on you, and I love doing it. 

Speaking of self-care where is your favorite place to get a little me time?

MAY 17

I’ll give you the bad news first: I don’t bake chocolate chip cookies. 

The good news? Chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven won’t sell your home. 

You know what does? When your prospective buyers feel so comfortable and at ease in your home so that they don’t want to leave! 

Here are a few ways we can do that: 

➡️ Make sure your curb appeal is on point. It’s the first impression buyers will get, so I tell my clients to plant flowers in your planters, get a fresh doormat and a nice-smelling floral wreath. 

➡️ Light a fresh smelling candle close to your front door. Make sure it’s something subtle and not overwhelming (I love the Capri Blue – Volcano scent from Anthropologie). And no, you should never leave a candle burning when you leave for a showing. Set some matches out, and I’ve got you! 

➡️ Put a bouquet of fresh flowers on your kitchen island. If you want to take one extra step, set out some business cards for your florist to add interest and support a local entrepreneur! 

➡️ Make sure your cozy spaces are extra cozy. Think: plush, throw pillows, fresh linens and mood lighting. 

If this sounds like a lot of work while you’re preparing for a move, that’s where I come in! 

Once your home is staged and ready for showings, I’ll do a final walk-through to make sure everything is exactly as it should be and look for opportunities to add a few extra touches. 

Don’t forget to save this post 🔖 or share it with someone who might need it! 📲

MAY 18

Has this ever happened to you? 

The listing on the MLS said there were three bedrooms, but when you went to see it in person, that bedroom was a lot more like a closet with no window.

Although technically, you can sleep anywhere you’d like in your own home, there are some pretty specific requirements that determine what counts as a “bedroom” in a home.

(That’s why you might see some listings marketing a “den” or “bonus room.”)

➡️ Size. For a room to count as a true bedroom, it must have at least 70 square feet of floor space with a minimum of 7 feet in one direction. If a room is intended for multiple occupants, there should be a minimum of 50 square feet per person.

➡️ Entrance. A bedroom must be accessible from at least one common point in the house (like a hallway or main room). 

➡️ Egress. In addition to the entrance to the room, there needs to be an emergency exit, either a door or a window that is 24 inches tall and 20 inches wide with a minimum opening area of 5.7 square feet. 

➡️ Ceiling height. A bedroom ceiling must be at least seven feet tall. 

➡️ Smoke alarm access. You don’t need to have a smoke alarm in each room, but you do need to have one on every level of a home, including the basement, and should be installed near bedrooms.

And this one might surprise you….

➡️ Although technically by national standards, a room does not need a closet to be a bedroom, most states actually do not require bedrooms to have built-in closets. 

Now that you know this…how many bedrooms does your home *actually* have?

MAY 19

This may be an unpopular opinion….

…but now might not be the right time to renovate your home.

Believe me, I love a good home reno story. Renovations can make your home feel more comfortable, personal and welcoming. And my HGTV obsession is real!

But if your home isn’t your forever home, there are some very good reasons why you might want to hold off on those big updates. 

Swipe to see what they are and be sure to share this post with a friend who is considering a major reno project!

MAY 20

Adopt, don’t shop 🐾🐾

Today is National Rescue Dog Day and I’m the proud ___________ [mom/dad] to a rescue ___________ [tell us about your dog, i.e: chihuahua named Henry who loves chicken and blanket snuggles].

I think all pets should have a second chance and I love to support animal rescues in ___________ [city name].

If you’re looking for a *furever* friend, here are a few rescue organizations/no-kill shelters.

1. ___________

2. ___________

3. ___________

[List/tag local dog rescues/animal shelters]

Do you have a rescue dog? Just for fun, tag the rescue where you adopted them in the comments! ⤵️

MAY 21

Styling and re-styling shelves is my cardio 🏃🏻‍♀️

As someone who owns plenty of books and knick knacks, I’ve always loved styling my bookshelves and built-ins. 

It’s a skill that comes in handy often when I help clients stage and decorate their homes. 

And even though shelf styling is more of an art than a science, swipe for a few tips I picked up along the way.

When you rearrange your shelves, prioritize unique or vintage items that function as conversation starters as well as aesthetic elements.

MAY 22

This might surprise you, but I’ve been known to __________ [share a surprising way you make the buying/selling process fun/enjoyable].

I know that real estate can be intense! So I want to make the process as fun as possible for my clients. :

1. __________

2. __________

3. __________

[Share ways you help your clients enjoy the process. Maybe you show up with their favorite coffee; play fun music on the way to showings; bring toys for their kids; etc.]

Tell me: how are you adding a little fun to your day? Let me know below!

MAY 23

Stop here for everything you need to know about VA Loans 🇺🇸

If you’re an active-duty service member, veteran or eligible surviving spouse, homeownership might be closer than you think! 

VA loans were created to help veterans access credit and compete in the housing market. Guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), they offer more lenient borrowing terms:

✅ No minimum credit score requirement

✅ No down payment requirement 

✅ No PMI (or mortgage insurance) 

Borrowers will still need to show proof of income, assets, and employment, but VA loans also typically have much lower interest rates than conventional loans, and limited closing costs.

Your lender will also order an appraisal from a VA-approved inspector certifying that your home meets certain “minimum property requirements” (like adequate roofing, functional electrical and HVAC and sanitary plumbing). But, if something falls through during this inspection, you can still use your benefits once the seller fixes the issue and the VA inspector signs off. 

Oh! And VA loans are a lifetime benefit, so you can use them multiple times as long as you’re purchasing your primary residence. 

Questions about how to buy a home with a VA loan? I’d be happy to answer what I can. 

And to all of our active-duty service members, veterans and military families, thank you for your service! ❤️🤍💙

MAY 24

We spy with our own eyes…seven spring decor trends that the experts are loving.

(At least, that is according to Elle Decor!).

Take a peek and let us know which one you will be bringing into your home:

1) Heritage fabrics. 

Think fabrics and textiles that scream “blast from the past,” but in a good way!

2) All things glassware

Hand blown glass is in. But hasn’t it always been “in”? Glass floats are no longer just for your beach house.

3) Mediterranean vibes

Blame it on White Lotus, but the design finds invoking the Italian Riviera is a fan fave.


Wood furniture is back in a big way! 

5) Mega candlesticks

According to Elle, candles are basically furniture now, so go big or go home!

6) White furniture…but with a twist

White, curved, textured silhouettes are making their way into homes across the country, from tables and chairs to lamps and mirrors.

7) Statement rugs are here to stay

Rugs are now having an artistic moment of their own. Think fun shapes, bold colors, and unique textures.

Tell us: do you love following home decor trends? Or do you ignore them and make your own trends?

MAY 25

To celebrate National Wine Day, here are my favorite places to grab a glass (or two!). 

1. ___________

2. ___________

3. ___________

4. ___________

5. ___________

[List and tag your favorite wine bars or restaurants with a great wine list]

Pro tip: __________ [wine bar name] is great for gatherings! It not only offers an extensive wine list, but also non-alcoholic options as well. Plus, their small plates are 10/10. 

Are you a red or white wine fan? Cast your vote in the comments!

MAY 26

Keep it simple this Memorial Day weekend 🇺🇸

If you’re not heading to the beach and you forgot to make a friend with a boat this year, here are a few ways you can celebrate our country’s heroes. 

1) Host a “stars & stripes” themed backyard barbecue. This weekend is about honoring our nation’s heroes, and a festive gathering in celebration feels only fitting! Have every guest wear something stars/stripes and in addition to the usual barbecue classics, make a patriotic dessert or signature cocktail. 

2) Use to send a care package to a soldier overseas. Commonly requested items include Visa, Mastercard and American Express gift cards to use for WiFi, personal hygiene items, laundry pods, magazines, batteries and movies/music on a USB drive. Nonperishable food is always welcomed (beef jerky, protein bars, candy/gum, cookies, crackers, nuts, dried fruits and instant coffee.

3) Staying home? Tune Into the National Memorial Day Concert on Sunday, May 28, at 8:00 PM EST on PBS. The National Memorial Day Concert is a moving tribute that honors America’s servicemen and women with celebrity performances. 

4) __________ [fill in a local event/festival].

5) __________ [fill in a local event/festival].

[delete #4 and #5 if you don’t want to share local events].

How are you celebrating this weekend?

MAY 27

Real estate might slow down, but it never stops for a holiday. 

I’ve actually written offers __________ [tell us about a time you wrote an offer or negotiated a deal on a holiday, i.e. in the car on my way to a Fourth of July cookout at my in-laws/on a boat in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico].  

The good news is, if you’re searching for a new home, you don’t need to pump the brakes. 

Here’s what to expect: 

1) There’s less competition! Holiday weekends (and the summer in general) can be a great time for house hunting because kids are out of school, people are on vacation, and the competition typically thins out. 

You might get a leg up on other buyers who are spending the weekend at the beach!

2) Sellers and realtors might be out of town. In some cases, real estate agents will leave a home on lockbox, which means we can see it without having them physically present. In other cases, we may have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to book our showing. 

3) It might take longer to get a response. If home sellers are out of town, they might be distracted or spending less time on their email. When we reach out to the listing agent with questions or to submit an offer, expect a longer-than-usual response time. 

What’s on tap for you this weekend? Is it work/play, or all play?

MAY 28

I’ve been trying to spend less time on screens this weekend…but a little home decor browsing hardly counts, right?

Here are a few of my favorite sites to surf for home design inspiration, ideas, and clicking “add to cart” on items I know I’ll never purchase but wish I could!


What are your favorites? ⤵️

MAY 29

Forever grateful! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

While many consider Memorial Day the official start of summer, let’s all take a moment to remember what this day *really* commemorates.

Happy Memorial Day ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙

MAY 30

Nobody panic…but homes are still selling pretty quickly!

Even though inventory and market time are both up from where they were a year ago, the market is competitive.

The news headlines make it sound ominous, but it’s actually a good thing. It means more opportunities for buyers and sellers all around.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s easy or painless to sell your home. The process can involve a lot of uncertainty, especially if you’re doing a double move – buying while selling at the same time.

Swipe to see the three ways I help my clients de-stress the selling process.

MAY 31

CONGRATULATIONS, __________ [client name] 🎉🎉🎉

I’ve been holding onto this story for a while, and now I’m excited to share it with you!

[Here, share a story of a client who you helped achieve their real estate goals. Be sure to highlight any specific challenges you helped them overcome. Share what exactly they were looking for and how you helped them find it. In other words, paint a picture!]

And this, my friends, is why I love my job. Helping my clients find their happily ever after is simply the best.

Are you ready to make some real estate moves? DM me to get started.

And tell me: are you celebrating anything this week? Share it with me below so I can cheers along with you!

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